During this period of COVID-19, please contact Andreea O'Connell if you are interested in teaching or getting information on cross studio offerings.

The CROSS STUDIO, previously called +STUDIO, is an opportunity to develop collaborative and cross disciplinary ideas/partnerships in a studio context in the Department of Architecture at MIT. A CROSS STUDIO can include collaborators in other discipline groups, departments or even outside of MIT.

The CROSS STUDIO will be offered within the Option Studio sequence. As already mentioned, the applications may be proposed by an MIT Department of Architecture studio faculty in collaboration with: 1) a faculty member in a different discipline group within the department, or 2) a faculty member in a different department at MIT or, 3) a collaborator outside of MIT.

The department will support a select number of CROSS STUDIOS and provide supplementary funding toward additional studio support for studio travel, materials, or honoraria for visitors, as well as accommodate replacement teaching if necessary for collaborators. As a design studio offered to MArch students, an Option Studio is a 21 unit class that meets two afternoons per week (Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday as determined by the instructors).