Syllabus Help: Descriptions, Learning Objectives and Pedagogy

Subject Description

The first paragraph needs to be a standardized overview summary of the subject in 300 words or less. Include the type of class: i.e., seminar, lecture, studio, workshop, lab. Additional paragraphs can be used to go into greater depth and description of your class content and concept (total 600-700 words). For reference, refer to the Department website Subjects page and search by term.

Learning Objectives / Pedagogy

What are the learning objectives for the course? What skills and knowledge will the students gain? What is the method of teaching?


  • Ability to research, conceptualize, develop, and represent an architectural project
  • Learn and practice presentation skills
  • Ability to represent an architectural design concept in accurate plan and section drawings
  • Learn how to translate ideas from two dimensional sketches to three dimensional models

Studio Structure/Learning Objectives/Pedagogy

How will the term be generally structured?


"The semester is structured in terms of two problems that dove tail together. The site — the projected location of the new branch — remains the same for both design problems, ensuring that the students’ understanding of the urban context (cultural and formal) increases over the course of the semester."