Final Exams

General Final Exam Information and Policies

  • The Institute's Final Exam Schedule is published approximately the third week of the term
  • The Department's Final Exams & Reviews Schedule is posted the 4th week of the term and linked to at the top of the Department website's subjects page.
  • You can always check final exam submission deadline dates from the Academic Deadlines, Meetings & Functions Calendar.
  • Please note that thesis subjects only need to complete a final exam form if there is an assigned instructor (e.g., not "Advisor"). There is also no need to complete a form for any undergraduate Studios (e.g., 4.021, 4.022, 4.023, 4.025).
  • Policies:
    • In accordance with the "Rules and Regulations of the Faculty (Rule 2.52)" final exams may not be cancelled after they are announced, and the time of a final examination may not be changed after the schedule is published.
    • Please review both the Institute End-of-Term Faculty Regulations AND the Department end-of-term policy.
    • Conflict Examinations: Conflict examinations are ONLY scheduled for students who have two or more final examinations scheduled during the same exam period. Students with final examination conflicts will be contacted directly by the Registrar's Office; it is not necessary for students to request a conflict exam.

Request/Decline to Hold a Final Exam

Please complete a form for each of your subjects. You must complete the Institute's online Final Exam form even if you will not have a final exam. It is a very quick process (see brief tutorial).

Things that May Impact Your Decision to Request or Decline to Hold a Final Exam

  • Please refer to the term's End-of-Term Reviews and Exams Chart, located on the top right of the Department website's Classes page to assist in your decision.
  • MArch required subjects — a date is specified near the end of each term beyond which no MArch assignments, quizzes, presentations or papers can fall due. This allows MArch students ample time to prepare for reviews. Consult the Department's Academic Deadlines, Meetings & Functions Calendar for exact dates.
    • Faculty teaching required academic MArch subjects must accommodate the architecture design studio final review schedule in their assignment due dates.
    • Instructors may choose to schedule a final exam/review/presentation during final exam week.

Elective Subjects with MArch Students Enrolled

  • The Department asks that instructors be sensitive to the end-of-term studio demands on MArch students. If they request special accommodation during the final two weeks of the term, please be flexible.
  • If your class is composed of many MArch students also taking studio, you may wish to consider scheduling a final exam.