Syllabus Help: Standardized Grading Language

In addition to defining evaluation criteria, it is essential to define what the grades represent. See the Institute's definition of grades. Refer to that page for additional grade definitions. The standards are included below. Please feel free to modify and adapt the Institute’s descriptions:

  1. Exceptionally good performance demonstrating a superior understanding of the subject matter, a foundation of extensive knowledge, and a skillful use of concepts and/or materials.
  2. Good performance demonstrating capacity to use the appropriate concepts, a good understanding of the subject matter, and an ability to handle the problems and materials encountered in the subject.
  3. Adequate performance demonstrating an adequate understanding of the subject matter, an ability to handle relatively simple problems, and adequate preparation for moving on to more advanced work in the field.
  4. Minimally acceptable performance demonstrating at least partial familiarity with the subject matter and some capacity to deal with relatively simple problems, but also demonstrating deficiencies serious enough to make it inadvisable to proceed further in the field without additional work.
  1. Failed. This grade also signifies that the student must repeat the subject to receive credit.