Office Hours Utility

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The Office Hours utility helps students book office hours with faculty, TAs and staff across the School of Architecture and Planning. You can manage your office hours using this application including viewing slots for the current term, creating new slots and editing/removing/assigning existing ones. You can authorize a TA which allows them to create/edit office hours. Finally, there is the option to deactivate one's account which hides one's name and any existing slots from public view (useful if on leave).

Faculty/Staff can register for the Office Hours System without having first to contact cron — visit

Feature Summary

  • Faculty, TAs and staff can create office hours through this site. There are time-saving tools available for creating these in bulk
  • Faculty, TAs and staff can edit existing slots or cancel them. Both these options result in emails to student should the slot have been reserved
  • Faculty, TAs and staff can view a complete history of their office hours, with summaries provided for total slots, booked, expired and open slots
  • Students can check the availability of faculty/staff/TA's hours and book directly from this site. Student and host are emailed of booking
  • Students can view a summary of past and upcoming appointments

This site requires certificates and is open to all MIT for booking purposes. The hosting of office hour slots, however, is restricted to School of Architecture and Planning personnel.