Registration Instructions Sent to Students

Steps to Completing Online Registration

  1. Pre-registration takes place in the month prior to the start of the term for all continuing students (new students are not expected to pre-register). If you pre-registered, it will be noted on Registration form "Registration Status" timeline and the subjects selected will appear on the form. If you have not pre-registered, you may still use online registration but you will not see a green check mark by "Pre-Registration" and your form will be blank.
  2. Edit Subject Selection — "Awaiting Approval"
    "Awaiting Approval" means the subject selection process is in progress. At this point, you or your advisor may edit your subject selection (add and delete, change units for subjects with flexible units, etc.).
  3. Advisor Approval — "Approved"
    "Approved" means you have met with your advisor/registration officer (in person or online), and your subject selections for the upcoming term have been approved (at this point, students cannot alter their subject selections online — they must complete an online Add/Drop form. Now that your advisor has approved your selections, you will receive an email notifying you of your need to complete the registration process. Late fees may be assessed for registrations received after the registration deadline.
  4. Review and Submit Registration — "Submitted"
    "Submitted" means you have sent an approved set of subject selections to the Registrar. Once your registration has been approved by your advisor, you need to continue through the "submit" process, which has a few additional steps only you may handle. Once you have clicked the "Submit" button, your registration status becomes "submitted" and registration is complete. If you are on a "registration hold," you will NOT be able to submit until the hold is cleared.

Registration Hold

If you are a first year international student, you will be on a registration hold until you attend your ISO Orientation Clearance meeting. If you are a continuing student and have a "student account" hold, you should check your student financial record on WebSIS under "Financial Record" and use MITPAY or contact your student account representative in the Student Services Center, 11-170.