Subject Scheduling Request Form

"Not being taught" (versus "Not being taught this term") indicates that the subject will NOT resume being offered in its next usual term.
If subject won't be taught, enter name of person who makes catalog decisions for your area
Separate names with comma
(if known; leave blank for new subjects)
Units for a subject are a set of 3 numbers divided by dashes, e.g., 3-0-9. The first number represents hours spent in class (e.g., 3 for a one day 2-5 class). The second number represents hours spent in lab/recitation. The third number represents expected number of hours students will spend working on the subject outside of class. If you need to change the units for an existing class or set the units for a new subject, use the fields below. You can also use these fields to add an additional option for units, e.g., you want to offer 3-0-6 and 3-0-9 for a graduate subject.
e.g., 3-0-9
If room is the same but day/time is different (or vice versa), answer "No". Then options appear for requesting different day/time and room. Enter the information and in the Comments box, indicate which option was the same as the prior year. The Department only controls one classroom, 3-329, a small seminar room, max capacity 12.
Please select two options for LECTURE day/time/room
Lecture Option 1
Lecture Option 2
Lecture Room
separate multiple rooms with a comma- If unsure, leave blank
Desired Options/Attributes for Lecture Room
Lab/Recitation 1
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Lab/Recitation 4
Lab/Rec Room
separate multiple rooms with a comma - if unsure, leave blank
Desired Options/Attributes for Lab/Rec Room