Student Jobs: TA, RA and Hourly

The Student Jobs hiring process always works one term ahead — the Fall process is for hiring Spring TAs and students for hourly jobs, the Spring process is for hiring Fall TAs and students for hourly jobs.

Student Jobs Process Steps

  1. Director of Administration and Finance determines which subjects will have one or more TA positions and the level of effort for each (50% = half-TA / 10 hours per week; 100% = full TA/20 hours per week)*.
  2. Fiscal Officer sends discipline area assistants a list of students who must have a TA position based upon their admissions package. Area assistants share list with their instructors upon which the discipline area instructors place these "pre-selected" students into jobs. After these placements have been decided, area assistants enter the jobs into the online system, putting in pre-selected student names if known. Hourly positions can also be entered (note: system is not live/available to students yet).
  3. The Jobs System "goes live" allowing students to look for and apply to posted positions. At this time, instructors should announce the opening of the system to students in their classes.
  4. The jobs system closes to applications. Instructors then have one week to go into the jobs system to review applicants and rank them in order of preference..
  5. Director of Administration and Finance, Fiscal Officer and Academic Administrator review instructor's selected students for eligibility (both TA and hourly positions). If a student is found ineligible or an assignment change is needed for another reason, the Director of Administration and Finance communicates with the instructor to facilitate the selection of another student.
  6. Automatic job offer confirmations are emailed to hired students and instructors.

The Jobs System will likely re-open in the final weeks of the term as any new jobs arise. Students are notified by email that more positions have come available.

* Sometimes a position designated as a "half-TA position" gets assigned as a " full TA position" instead if a PhD student guaranteed a full TA position in their admissions packages is hired.

TA Compensation

The Graduate Student Union is currently in negotiations with the Institute regarding TA compensation. When updates are known they will be posted or linked to from this page.

TA Training

At the beginning of each term, all TAs are required to participate in a training session run via the Canvas class website system and administrated by the Department's Student Services team.

Research Assistantships (RAs)

RA positions are not administered through the Department's Jobs System but are coordinated between instructor, student and the Department's financial team.