Spring 2020 Academic Calendar Changes

- last updated 2/19/2020

On April 17, 2019, the MIT Community (students, faculty, staff) voted to select one of three options presented by the Institute for making adjustments to the IAP and/or spring term academic calendars to enable a longer summer period and move Commencement into late-May most years. The selected option will be implemented during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Summary of Selected Option

  • IAP stays the same but Spring Reg Day is moved to the last day of IAP, Friday, January 31.
  • First day of spring classes on Monday (February 3) instead of Tuesday.
  • Tuesday of Patriots' Day weekend is no longer a class holiday.
  • Four days of finals (instead of five) that straddle a weekend. First day is on Friday, May 15 and the next three on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of final exam week (May 18-20).
  • Drop-dead grade deadline moved to noon on Friday of final exam week (May 22) instead of the Tuesday after Memorial Day.
  • Shorter administrative time after finals (from 12 to 7 days)

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