Registration Overview

A lot of helpful information related to Registration is available on the Registrar's Resources for Instructors page including how to access and use class lists.

Class lists, based on pre-registration and registration, are available on WebSIS for instructors and department administrators. Lists include students registered for academic credit and as listeners (listeners are students auditing a class). They also indicate those who have added or dropped the subject. There are special enrollment management tools available, such as waitlist management. You must request these tools from the student services team before pre-registration opens. See the Enrollment Tools User Guide.

Quick Guide to Access Your Class Lists

To access the webSIS system, you must have your Kerberos ID and have installed web certificates.

  1. Go to webSIS
  2. Click on "for Instructors and Departmental Administrators"
  3. Click on "Class Lists and Reports"
  4. If it is before the end of the Registration period, click on "Pre-Registration Class Lists". If it is after the Registration period has closed, click on "Registered Student Class Lists".
  5. Select the term
  6. Skip the "specify subject" dropdown list and select your class in the next dropdown list, "specify subject for crse 4". You then have options:
    • "ClassList Report" (shows class list in a new browser window)
    • "ClassList Download" (allows you to download a .CSV file)
    • "ClassList Email" (allows you to email all students on the list — a separate window opens)

Note about classes with a meets-with status — selecting either of the subject numbers will result in a complete list of students regardless of which subject number they signed up for. The same is true for joint subjects with another department.

Advisor role/system access

Advisors are responsible for reviewing, approving and if necessary, editing students’ subject selections online. Advisors can access registration information prior to Registration Day — this requires communication between you and your advisee. We are advising all students to meet face-to-face with you on Registration Day (versus phone or online communication). Please be proactive in letting your advisees know when and where you will be available. Advise students to bring a laptop to your meeting to complete the registration process. If you are unable to meet advisees on Registration Day, please contact them directly and make appointments that fall prior to the Registration deadline.

Double Major

If you are advising students that are double majors and their primary major is not in Course 4, you will be able to view their registration, but you should not give the final approval. That is the responsibility of the primary major advisor.