Registration Overview

Accessing your class lists for the first time

To access your class list for the first time, you need the following:

Registration Deadline

Students must adhere to the deadline set by the Registrar or they will be assessed a late fee by the Institute. This means that you need to approve the registration selection prior to this deadline. The students have a final step to complete registration after your approval, so please be mindful of allowing them the needed time to complete the process. Check the Academic Deadlines, Meetings & Functions for exact dates.

Advisor role/system access

Advisors are responsible for reviewing, approving and if necessary, editing students’ subject selections online. Advisors can access registration information prior to Registration Day — this requires communication between you and your advisee. We are advising all students to meet face-to-face with you on Registration Day (versus phone or online communication). Please be proactive in letting your advisees know when and where you will be available. Advise students to bring a laptop to your meeting to complete the registration process. If you are unable to meet advisees on Registration Day, please contact them directly and make appointments that fall prior to the Registration deadline.

Tutorial on using the Registration application

  • There is an *excellent online tutorial* on using the Registrar’s Registration application.
  • Below are very abbreviated instructions for those who are familiar with the application:
    1. Go to Registrar’s Registration page (takes you to the Advisor Homepage).
    2. Instructions will appear at the top of the page as well as a search function.
    3. Below the instructions is a list of your advisees. Click on the student status "Awaiting Approval" to see the student’s "subject selection" page (do not click on the student’s name). This is where you edit, approve and save students’ registration.
    4. Once you approve the registration the subject selection locks, and the system will automatically send email to your advisee informing them of your action. He/She must then follow through to complete submission to the Registrar.

Double Major

If you are advising students that are double majors and their primary major is not in Course 4, you will be able to view their registration, but you should not give the final approval. That is the responsibility of the primary major advisor.

Getting Help

Note: you may also view registration instructions sent to students.