Classrooms and Pin-Up Spaces

Screenshot of SAP's online room booking utility

SAP Rooms

Although non-departmental SAP rooms are available on a limited basis, the Department controls only one classroom (3-329, small seminar room with plasma screen and Zoom setup — to make a non-class reservation for 3-329, please visit the ATLAS App on your phone or use the sign-up iPad located outside the room's door.) and we rely almost solely on Institute rooms. To make non-classroom reservations for the 7-338 (Stella Room), 7-429 (Long Lounge) or the pinup areas visit SAP's online room request system (DUSP rooms can also be booked for non-class reservations).

Department Pin-Up Spaces

There are eight pin-up areas around the dome:

  • south dome
  • south corner
  • south hall
  • south ramp
  • north dome
  • north corner
  • north hall
  • north ramp
Small representational diagram of pin-up space rooms and areas in the dome


Screenshot of the Institute's room booking utility

Institute Room Inventory

Classrooms for your regularly scheduled classes are requested during the scheduling process when completing the Subject Scheduling Request. After the scheduling process, requests and change requests should go to Tonya Miller. Please note that DUSP classroom availability is not known until very close to the start of each term. We recommend that you request a room with your desired attributes during the scheduling process and then check with Tonya near the start of the term regarding DUSP room availability.

To view specifics on the Institute's classroom inventory:

Visit Classrooms @ MIT for specifications of rooms with photos.

The Schedules Office will give classroom priority to those conforming to the standard schedule listed below. Classes scheduled in the early morning, after 4 PM and on Fridays will have a broader option of desirable classrooms.

We ask for your clarity when requesting a classroom and flexibility when a specific room is not available.

Class meeting per week Day combinations
TR or MW
Length of class period Hour combinations
on the hour
9:30-11; 11-12:30; 1-2:30; 2:30-4
9-11; 11-1; 1-3; 3-5