Dept. Email Lists

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Important information from Architecture Headquarters will be posted via e-mail. Therefore, students will be automatically added to their degree program mailing list. New students obtain an e-mail address through the Athena User Account Office,

→ Please note that all addresses below end with

Large Lists

archall@ — students, faculty and staff in the Department (academic use only) archstudents@ — all of the above degree program lists arch-kiosk@ — all architecture for non-academic information

Degree and Minor Program Lists

Undergraduate Lists

archunder@ — undergraduate degree candidates arch-aminor@ — architecture minors arch-dminor@ — design minors

Graduate Lists

march@ — Master of Architecture degree candidates smact@ — Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology candidates smarchs@ — Master of Science in Architecture Studies candidates (all areas) smbt@ — Master of Science in Building Technology candidates archphd@ — Doctor of Philosophy candidates (all areas of study)

Advisor Lists

ug-advisors@ — those who advise undergraduate students arch-grad-advisors@ — those who advise graduate students

Additional Department Lists

term_ta@ — all TAs for the current term archfac@ — faculty, research & other academic staff (academic use) archstaff@ — administrative and support staff archstudio@ — design studio instructors


  • CRON@ — General inquiries directed to Department’s computer resources staff
  • arch-kiosk@ — All students and staff are automatically subscribed to "arch-kiosk" at the beginning of the academic year to receive non-academic messages, but anyone may remove his or her name (or rejoin) at any time. For instructions, go to "Web Moira List Manager":