Instructions for Importing Faculty Calendars

Below are instructions for importing the faculty calendars into your email program (versus reading mail in a browser; if you would like to view the calendars from within Google Calendar in a browser, please email Tonya Miller with the email address you use to log into your Google account and I will send an invitation.


Windows: Subscribing to the two Arch HQ Calendars in Outlook

  1. In Outlook, click File Account Settings > Account Settings
  2. Click the "Internet Calendars" tab
  3. Click "New..."
  4. Paste the URL provided (see below)
  5. Click "Add"
  6. IMPORTANT: under "Folder Name:" type the name of the calendar you're adding (for example, "Academic Deadlines, Meetings & Functions", "Lectures & Events"). Leave all other boxes with default choices selected.
  7. Click "OK" and "Close"

Mac: Subscribing to Arch HQ Calendars in Calendar app (Mac OS):

Mac folks, you may subscribe to calendar! If you have any trouble please start a new ticket by emailing STOA and requesting Calendar help. Thank you! And be careful with those long URLs! Copy and paste is advised.

  1. In Calendar, click File > New Calendar Subscription
  2. Enter the appropriate link as shown below (copy and paste)
  3. In the next screen change the Auto-Refresh to EVERY HOUR and click OK

Calendar.ics Files