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Stellar is the platform for learning and course management serving the MIT community. You can set up a Stellar site for each of your classes. To request a site for your class, visit Stellar's homepage.Keep in mind that it may take up to three days to fulfill the request*.

The site has training videos to get you started, a User Guide and an FAQ.

How to set-up separate sites for subjects with sections (e.g., 4.154 option studios)


Go the the Stellar request site and follow instructions for setting up an academic site.


Mini screenshot of registration information for use in creating a Stellar site with multiple sections

On the Request page, you'll need to enter the Subject Number and section number EXACTLY like the examples below. To find our your section number (01, 02, 02 etc.), consult your class list in WebSiS (see instructions), and take note of the section # (see example at right).



Click "Next". You will get an error message reading Subject Number not Found. IGNORE IT! Click on "continue", and you'll be able to fill in the information.