Syllabi & Syllabi Archive

In addition to the Institute requiring that you provide a copy of the syllabus to your students, the Department archives all class syllabi, including studios. Archived syllabi are used for many purposes including various Institution and Department evaluations, and answering required annual questions from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). We will also post this syllabus on the Department Subjects page along with your subject's description, unless you specifically request that we do not.

Please note that syllabi for Fall 2021 onward should be submitted via email to Tonya Miller. The syllabi submission form is being reworked.

Syllabi Statement from Student Support and Wellbeing (S3)

The research shows that templated syllabus statements can be helpful to students, but that the overall tone of a syllabus is even more impactful. (Here are resources through TLL and Matthew Cheney’s ideas around Cruelty-Free Syllabi)

If you would like to consult with S3 about any aspects of your syllabus, you can reach out to a dean you know or e-mail to request a consultation. We are happy to help!

Template S3 statement: Personal and medical issues can make it hard to focus on academics. If you find that something is getting in the way of your ability to attend class, complete work, or take an exam, you should contact a dean in Student Support Services (S3). The deans will provide you with support and help you work with us to determine next steps. We ask that you go to S3 so we know you have had a chance to talk through your situation with someone and to connect with any resources you might need. You can reach out to a dean you have worked with in the past, join their virtual help queue (, or e-mail

Voter Registration Statement

MIT partners with TurboVote — a non-profit website that seeks to increase voter turnout by helping its users register to vote, find polling places, and research election issues — to help students, faculty, and staff register to vote in local, state, and national elections, by mail or in person, whether they reside in Massachusetts or another state.

It takes five minutes or less to register, and you can use it to request an absentee ballot and/or subscribe to reminders about registration and voting deadlines and locations in relevant elections.

BU/MIT Student Innovations Law Clinic

The BU/MIT Student Innovations Law Clinic is a free and confidential legal service for MIT students who have legal questions related to their academic research, policy advocacy, or innovative projects. They help students with questions around intellectual property, information privacy, computer access, media law and FOIA, health/FDA law, financial regulation, non-profit and for-profit entity formation, and a variety of other areas of innovation law. They are on campus on Fridays at 10am–5pm at locations throughout MIT, and you can contact them directly at

Syllabi Statement from Disability and Access Services

Template DAS Simple "Statement: Students who need disability accommodations are encouraged to speak with the faculty member/department administrator early in the semester so that accommodations can be implemented in a timely fashion."

Template DAS Long Statement: "MIT (or the department, or the faculty member) is committed to the principle of equal access (or an inclusionary environment, or similar wording). I (the faculty member) encourage you to meet with me to discuss your disability-related needs, including accommodations which you may need in order to fully access this course."

Option C: "MIT (or the department, or the faculty member) is committed to the principle of equal access. Students who need disability accommodations are encouraged to speak with Disability and Access Services (DAS), prior to or early in the semester so that accommodation requests can be evaluated and addressed in a timely fashion. If you have a disability and are not planning to use accommodations, it is still recommended that you meet with DAS staff to familiarize yourself with their services and resources. Please visit the DAS website for contact information.

If you have already been approved for accommodations, course staff are ready to assist with implementation. Please inform Professor < fill in faculty name and email > AND < fill in the identified administrator/staff/TA name and email > who will oversee accommodation implementation for this course."

For more information on what to include in your syllabus, please review information provided by: