Workshop Proposals

If you intend to teach a research-focused workshop:

  1. Complete the Workshop Proposal Form that encompasses the following:
    • Title of workshop
    • Description that includes the relationship to your research and pedagogical objectives.
    • Level (UG or G)
    • Target audience (e.g., MArch, SMArchS)
    • Enrollment limitations (e.g., # of students, preference given to, etc.)
    • Number of units (e.g., 3-0-6)
    • Specific expectations and/or deliverable product resulting from workshop
    • Room desired and/or room characteristics desired.
    • Travel information (see #2 below).
  2. If you have travel, please review the Travel Proposal Guidelines and complete a Travel Proposal form. Andreea and the Head/Associate Head will review all proposals which must be submitted by 5 PM the day of the deadline:
    • July 1 for summer and fall
    • October 15 for IAP
    • November 1 for spring
    • If a fall subject with travel during the summer is being proposed, the deadline is April 15 instead of July 1 (this is of course dependent upon where we are with COVID restrictions in mid- to late-spring 2021). Students who travel during the summer are expected to pre-register for the subject with which they are traveling prior to departure.

If workshop/travel is approved by the Department Head, it will be listed on the schedule.


It is suggested that students on the February degree list not enroll in an IAP workshop. If they do, they are expected to submit their thesis book prior to the start of IAP.

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