Workshop/Seminar Proposal Form

A workshop is based upon the instructor's research and usually produces a product. They are assigned either a 4.18x or 4.sxx subject number. A seminar can be on a topic of interest and usually produces a paper or presentation. They are assigned a 4.sxx subject number.
Note: Fall workshops/seminars include those held over the summer — students register for them in the fall.
Target audience
MUST BE 3-DIGITS: MIT units are a series of three numbers. The first number indicates the number of hours spent in class. The second number indicates the number of hours spent in lab/recitation (rarely pertinent for workshops). The third number is the estimated number of hours students are expected to spend outside of class. Adding together the three numbers gives you the total number of units (e.g., 3-0-6 = 9 total)
Enter description (should include the relationship to your research and pedagogical objectives)
(e.g., 1st-half or 2nd-half)
Day(s) / Time or First Meeting Date
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